Round Silicone Print Pads

  • Round Silicone Print PadsPrint Area: Round Silicone Print Pads can be produced for virtually any size print area
    – pads pictured range from 5 to 50 mm diameter
    Custom pad example: 13″ diameter, 10″ high, 30lb
  • Durometer: Available in any durometer from 35/00 to 95/00
  • Colors: Some material formulas can be dyed for purposes like distinguishing durometer or application
  • Base: Wood, aluminum, nylon, and composite bases are available with any size insert to match the customer’s equipment requirements
  • Standard Round Print Pads: see our Silicone Print Pad Catalog

Examples for Round Silicone Print Pads:

Round Silicone Print Pads, 1.5" (38mm) diameterDiameter 1.52″ 38.7mm, H 1.30″ 33.0mm

Print area: 28 mm diameter

  • Red rubber ideal for printing fine lines and details
  • Available in 50/00 to 75/00 durometer
  • Composite base with 6 mm insert
Round Silicone Print Pads, 0.9" diameterDiameter 0.92″ 23.4 mm; H 1.02″ 25.9 mm

Print area: 20 mm diameter

  • Pad design works best with very soft rubber
  • Aluminum base with a 6 mm tap
13" Silicone Print Pads (Side View) for printing satellite dishes

Print pad to customer specification:
13″ Diameter, 10″ height, about 30 lb. weight, application: satellite dish printing