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Pad Printing Inks

Marabu Pad Printing Ink . Marabu Inks in use

Marabu Inks - logoMarabu Pad Printing Ink ensures first rate results for decoration, marking, and identification.

Designed to work effectively on all popular printing equipment, Marabu inks achieve impressive results even on difficult substrates, meeting the ever-changing challenges of your market. All around the globe, Marabu is synonymous with high quality inks, manufactured to the highest quality management standards.

The Following Link is for the Pad Printing Table of Inks and Substrates:

Enhanced and fine-tuned over decades, pad printing has become a firm fixture in the printing landscape. This technique offers unique solutions for some of the toughest surfaces. Suitable for a wide range of applications and substrates, this versatile process.

Standard Colors for Pad Printing Inks (Click image to enlarge)

Color Chart Pad Printing Ink

Screen Printing Inks

Marabu Sreenprint Ink

Screen printing is highly versatile, creating possibilities that no other process can. To make the most of this technology for decorative and functional applications, flexibility and expertise are a must. And by partnering with Marabu, you are guaranteed a solution tailor made to your requirements.

Marabu has long played a key role in shaping screen printing technology. Marabu’s innovative ideas and products combined with their in-depth knowledge of printing processes have been instrumental in driving this technology forward. All over the world, Marabu is synonymous with high quality inks, manufactured to the highest standards.

The Following Link is for the Screen Printing Table of Inks and Substrates:

Standard Colors for Screen Printing Inks (Click image to enlarge)

Screen Printing Ink Color Chart

Digital Printing Ink

Marabu Digital Jet Ink

Marabu offers combinations of inkjet inks, primers, and liquid coatings for users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Marabu leverages their experience as a printing ink manufacturer to develop new and even better inkjet inks and coatings. Innovation is also driven by Marabu’s close cooperation with research organizations, universities, and suppliers – resulting in continually better products for our customers.

Marabu’s goal is to develop the best possible ink for the corresponding inkjet printhead, leveraging their specialist knowledge as an ink manufacturer and their deep understanding of the specific technological demands of inkjet printing. Solvent based, UV curable and water based inkjet inks (for flexible, rigid and textile substrates, and formats ranging from wide to super wide), with Marabu you will find the right solution for almost any task, and any printer type. Moreover, Marabu offers innovative liquid coatings for priming, finishing, protecting your print results or for coloring large glass surfaces.

Color Matching Department

Marabu Color Matching

 For all customers who do not have in-house color mixing, Marabu offers delivery of special colors in the quantity required. Alternatively,

A particular strength of Marabu is the production of special effect inks. Whether glitter, pearlescent, metallic, or phosphorescent . Let’s create your own special effects!

Marabu-ColorManager MCM 2

Marabu Color Management

Achieving color match accuracy using an efficient, user friendly format has never been easier. Now using the Marabu-ColorManager MCM 2 is even more comfortable!

With the new Internet Version, all formulas can be downloaded directly from the Marabu Server at any time, always up to date and free of charge! It allows all the functions of the MCM 2 Full Version, with one exception, storing of  your own or modifying of existing formulas is not possible.

Should you wish to do this, we recommend the free download of the Full Version, with all functions. The status of your database is guaranteed to be always up to date just as before through the free update service on this site.