Pad Printing Supply

AccuPad’s pad printing supply stock offers everything needed for a successful pad printing operation.
Except for non-stock printing pads, all pad printing supply and auxiliaries are available for shipping with 24 to 48 hours:

Printing Pads:

All Pad Printing Pads are manufactured by AccuPad and are available in all shapes.

We have a stock of commonly used pads for immediate shipping.

Rare shapes and custom pads are being manufactured and shipped upon ordering, typically within 3 – 4 business days. This ensures freshness for best and consistent print quality.

Pad Printing Pads from AccuPad

Pad Printing Ink:

Marabu inks achieve impressive results even on difficult substrates – meeting the ever-changing challenges of your market. All around the globe, Marabu is synonymous with high-quality inks, manufactured to the highest quality management standards.

See all inks we carry in our Table of Inks (PDF)

For available standard colors click the color chart

Marabu Inks  Color Chart Pad Printing Ink

Printing Plates:

  • Alcohol Wash
  • Water Wash
  • Thin Steel
  • Thick Steel

Steel PlatesWater Wash Plates

Screen Film:

  • 200/10%
  • 300/10%

Scrren Film

Doctor Blades:

  • Doctor Blades for Plastic and Steel Printing Plates:
  • Single Bevel
  • Double Bevel
  • Stepped Edge
  • Available in any length, height, thickness, and roll lengths as well.
Doctor Blades for Pad Printing

Ink Cups & Ink Cup Rings:

  • 60 mm
  • 90mm
  • 120mm
  • 135mm

Inc Cup Rings, Ceramic


  • Extended Life Pad Oil
  • Ink Jet Printer Film Positive
  • Mixing Sticks, solvent resistant
  • Mixing Cups, solvent resistant
  • Masking Tape, low bleed
  • Hand Cleaner
  • Solvent Resistant Gloves
  • Alcohol Wash Developing Solution
  • Plush Cloth for Developing Printing Plates
  • Auxiliaries Starter Kit: Includes all auxiliaries above for the beginner!!
Pad OilSolvent Resistent GlovesPlush Cloth

For any questions and support, please contact our pad printing specialist Jay Gignac at 603-491-5753
or email at <jay.gignac at>

And also learn more about pad printing in our resource section.