Silicone Molds for the Manufacturing Industry

Design and production of our silicone molds uses the knowledge and experience of silicone print pad molding and curing, AccuPad has started the line for custom silicone molds for the manufacturing industry.

Typical applications for silicone molds exist whenever a product is cured from liquid to solid in the manufacturing process.

Silicone molds can be developed from provided product samples and from drawings. Special care is applied for the selection of the silicone material the mold is prepared from. Surface characteristics, accuracy of product details, temperature in the production process, interaction with materials for the products and removability of the product from the custom mold is considered.

Custom Mold for Lotion Bars - Insect Theme Silicone Mold Applications:

  • Molding of candles
  • Custom forming of soap into soap bars
  • Forming of lotion into lotion bars
  • Molding of buttons and toy items
  • General: Repeat forming of any moldable materials
  • Standard silicone material not suitable for food


Silicone Mold Features:Custom Mold for Soap Bar - USC Theme

  • The standard silicone material used to manufacture the molds is heat resistant up to 350`F.
  • Higher heat resistance can be achieved using more heat resistant silicone materials.
  • All molds can be produced as single and multi cavity tool to allow for mass production.
  • Molded features and details can properly molded down to sizes of less than 0.5 mm.

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Mold development from single item mold to mass production

Custom Silicone Mold, single item for sampling and development Silicone Mold, sample production 6 items at the time Silicone Mold 24 items simultaneously for production

Mold for Soap Bar - 24 at a time Molded Soap Bars - 24 at a time