AccuPad Silicone Print Pads since 1991

AccupadTeam2020Silicone print pads for pad printing in the manufacturing industry including medical, cosmetic, entertainment and automotive applications have been the focus for AccuPad since its foundation in 1991.

In addition to silicone print pads, we have lines of silicone based non-print components and products such as embossing and impression mats, silicone molded jigs and work piece carriers, silicone seals and gaskets, silicone molds and silicone pads.

We supply silicone print pads and other silicone molded products to customers worldwide including North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Our Vision:Round Silicone Print Pads blue

To provide an excellent product with prompt and accurate service at the highest quality, and at a fair price.

Our Mission:

Provide the resources and the dynamic design, development and manufacturing environment to satisfy the unique needs of our customer and their specifications.

Our Realization:Workpiece Carrier with pad printed golf ball

  • Our staff has over 40 years combined print pad and silicone manufacturing experience.
  • Engineering is staffed with a mechanical engineer.
  • Extensive studies conducted in organometallic compounds and isotactic polypropylene reactions.
  • Quality assurance procedures and equipment is available including submission of quality records and certificates.
  • Printing capabilities for print pad testing.
  • Maintain capacity for emergency orders with turn-around less than 24 h.

Meet the Team:

The AccuPad Team in October 2020