Silicone Print Blankets

Silicone Print Blankets, print pads bonded to metal sheet basesSilicone Print Blankets, flat silicone print pads mounted on a thin metal shim, are primarily used on Apex style print machinery to print fine lines and graphics on curved glass or plastic surfaces.  Typical applications include syringes, beakers and other glass lab ware used in hospitals and laboratories world wide.

Base Material: steel, brass, size customer specified Base materials for Silicone Print Blankets

Pad Adhesion on Base: guaranteed for the life of the pad.

Standard Sizes: See our Silicone Print Pad Catalog

AccuPad’s Silicone Print Blankets (samples):

2.5″ Print Blanket

Silicone Print Blanket, cut to lenght depending on application

  • L: 5″ – 11″ (cut to specification)
  • W: 2.5″ 63.5 mm
  • H: 0.25″ 6.3 mm
  • Print area: (5″-11″)x2.5″
  • Application: print on glass ware
  • Cut to specification and machine requirement
  • Bonded to steel shim

1.4″ Print Blanket

Print Blanket for printing 1 ccm syringes

  • L: 2.5″ 63.5 mm
  • W: 1.4″ 35.6 mm
  • H: 0.25″ 6.3 mm
  • Print area: 60×30 mm
  • Application: print 1 cc syringes
  • Bonded to steel shim