Rotary Print Pads

Rotary Print Pad and Roller SamplesRotary print pads and print rollers with silicone print surface are used for a variety of print applications. Examples are golf ball printing, automotive parts, fragile glass and medical lab ware.

AccuPad applies silicone to brass, aluminum or steel hubs manufactured to customer specification or provided by the customer.

After the print pad wears out, the rollers and hubs can be resurfaced or remanufactured without the need for new rollers and hubs.


Sample application for rotary print pads
Example for printing with Rotary Print Pad and Print Roller


Example: 60 ml Rotary Hub
Diameter: 7.08″ or 180 mm
Height: 3.27″ or 83 mm
Center Hole: 0.77″ or 19.7 mm
Print Surface: 565 mm x 83 mm
Material: Hard, surfactant resistent rubber formula,
ideal for printing delicate glassware.
Can be dyed to differentiate durometer.
Example Resurfaced Rotary Print Pad
Remanufactured Rotary Print Pad: worn print surface is stripped and resurfaced to original specification