Rectangular Print Pads

Capabilities: Rectangular print pads, roof tp shape

  • Print Area of Rectangular Print Pads: Virtually any size print area. Longest print pad produced so far: 26 inches.
  • Durometer: Available in any durometer from 35/00 to 95/00
  • Colors: Some material formulas can be dyed for purposes like distinguishing durometer or application
  • Base: Wood, aluminum, nylon, and composite bases are available with any size insert to match the customer’s equipment requirements
  • Standard Print Pads: see our Print Pad Catalog

AccuPad’s Rectangular Print Pads (generic pad samples):

(all measurements are of pad only, height does not include base)

Rectangular Print Pads (CO5)

L 3.27″ 82.9mm, W 1.05″ 26.6mm H 1.04″ 26.4mm

Print area – 60 mm x 20 mm

  • Wooden base with any size insert
  • Roof top shape
Roof top shape rectagular print pads

L 2.65″ 67.3 mm; W .91″ 22.9mm; H .94″ 23.9mm

Print area – 50 mm x 15 mm

  • Wooden base with any size insert
  • Roof top shape
Recangular Print Pads, blue, rounded

L 3.55″ 90 mm; W 1.15″ 29.3mm; H 1.69″ 41.4 mm

Print area – 75 mm x 20 mm

  • Flat, rectangular print surface
  • Wooden base with any size insert
Roof top shaped rectangular print pads

L 2.44″ 62.1 mm; W 1.64″ 41.7 mm; H 2.0″ 51.4 mm

Print area – 45 mm x 28 mm

  • Sloped print surface comes to a point
  • Aluminum base with 3/8 insert