Silicone Print Pads and Print Tampons

Round Silicone Print Pad

Silicone print pads, print tampons and print blankets for pad and tampon printing (aka. tampoprint) processes are designed, developed and manufactured at the Anderson, SC facility of Accu-Pad. All pad products are shipped worldwide.

Silicone Print Pad Types and Shapes

AccuPad manufactures a wide variety of types and shapes from simple round or square shaped to fully custom designed shape to match any print job.

Round Silicone Print Pads
Square Shaped Silicone Print Pads
rectangular Silicone Print Pads
Silicone Print Blankets
Print Blanket
Custom Print Pads
Silicone Print Rollers

Silicone Print Pads on sheet metal, aka Print Blanket
Silicone print pads on sheet metal base, print blankets

Silicone Print Pad Properties

The actual print pad and blanket is molded to its specified base using superior silicone rubber materials and follows customer specification for:

  • Durometer / hardness, available from 40/00 to 95/00
  • Ink surfactants resistance
  • Color: some materials can be dyed for purposes like distinguishing hardness or application and pad type
  • Dull or polished pad surface

Typical Print Pad Bases, machine specific
Print pad bases, shape, material and mounting to customer specification

Print Pad Bases

All pads are manufactured on bases to match virtually any pad printing equipment. Any customer specified base is possible:

  • Base material: ply wood, aluminum, various plastic materials
  • Base shape: round, square, rectangular and customer specified
  • Base mounting: threaded at any size, for example: 1/4″x20, 5/16″x18, 3/8″x16, M6, M8
  • Print blankets are molded to steel or brass shims at 1/4″ thickness and in dimensions specified by the customer.