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AccuPad featured in Belt Line

AccuPad was introduced in NIBA Member Spotlight of Belt Line, the publication of NIBA – The Belting Association.
Our compression mat specialist and production manager Matt Winstead was interviewed.
Here the full spotlight and interview:

AccuPad featured in NIBA SpotlightNIBA Member Spotlight
AccuPad, Inc.

Tell us about your company

We mainly produce silicone print pads for the pad printing in the manufacturing industry including medical, cosmetic, entertainment and automotive applications.  These have been the focus for AccuPad since its foundation in 1991. In addition to silicone print pads, we have lines of silicone-based non-print components and products such as embossing and impression mats. And silicone molded jigs and work piece carriers, silicone seals and gaskets, silicone molds and silicone pads are the third production activity.

Worldwide Customers

We supply print pads and all silicone-molded products to customers worldwide including North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Describe what you do on a day-today basis

As a production manager in a small company there is a bit of everything to do on a day-to-day basis. For the Belting Department I am personally responsible for everything from providing quotes, receiving orders, placing orders for raw materials, making the impression pads, packaging orders and answering emails regarding future projected orders. The benefit of working in a small company environment is that there is something different that needs to get done
every day.

What was your first industry job and how did it lead you to where you are today?

My first industry job is the one I currently hold, only now I have a “title.” Not much has changed except for more experiences and knowledge of our silicone products.

One piece of advice you wish someone had given you before you started in the belting industry?

I wish someone would have mentioned to me that in the belting industry, it is challenging to convince customers that change can be a good thing.

How did you hear about NIBA?

My company introduced me to NIBA. AccuPad Inc. has been a Component Manufacturer Member since 2006.

How has NIBA impacted you, both personally and professionally?

NIBA has helped me to see there are things in the world bigger than myself that need constant attention. Professionally, NIBA has helped me form partnerships and friendships that make my job a lot easier.

Tell us about your favorite moment from a past NIBA Annual Convention.

One of my favorite moments from a past Convention would be the incredible time in Palm Springs, California. The convention and entire trip was a blast from the opening ceremony to the golf outing, to hearing from Joe Theismann, to taking pictures with a camel and finally the closing event with a Mediterranean-themed dinner.

What is the belting industry’s biggest challenge?

The biggest industry challenge to me as a “Next Gen” member is to continue and grow the industry while keeping the same degree of success as the past and present companies have.

How can NIBA help to resolve it?

NIBA helps by continuing and increasing the scholarship and educational programs it offers. I know the scholarship opportunity is a very attractive way to introduce younger people to the belting industry. After introduction to the organization, new members learn from the experts. And they learn the many ways to become successful working in the belting industry. Making sure these programs continue is one of the best ways to increase growth and success for all member companies of NIBA.


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